Friday, 21 July 2017

Goodbye Mrs Burge!!!

On the last day of term 2 at school, Room 9 and Room 12 held a party 
for Mrs Burge to say 'Goodbye' and 'Thank you' for all her efforts and 
help and for being the best Teacher to all our lovely Room 9 and 
Room 12 children - we will miss you!

Mrs Burge sang us songs. She always loves to sing and will sing anything, anywhere! We love it!

We played games!

And we even iced biscuits. YUM!!

Molly's looking forward to eating her biscuit!

Cooper spreading his gooey icing. Well done Cooper!

Indie doing a great job of icing her biscuit.

Indi all ready to eat her colourful biscuit - looks yum!

Samuel proud of his biscuit!

Safire ready to eat her biscuit - great job!

What a wonderful, fun afternoon we had with Room 9. Thanks for inviting Room 12 to come and celebrate our time with Mrs Burge. We will miss her but I am sure we will visit her in Room 10 and we will hear her singing in the mornings!

Bye Mrs Burge and thank you!!


  1. What a fun afternoon we had with Room 9. We will miss you Mrs Burge but look forward to seeing you in Room 10! Mrs Nelson

  2. Hey! Molly never saved me any biscuit!!! Looked yummy too! Bye bye Mrs Burge. We love you! Thanks for being awesome. Xx