Thursday, 7 September 2017

Stu Duval visits Sunnyhills

For Literacy week, Author and Illustrator Stu Duval came to visit us 
at Sunnyhills school. 

He told us a really funny story that had the whole audience captured (even the teachers!) and taught us how to draw some cartoons using numbers and letters. How clever!!

We learn't a song to go along with this drawing: 
S, two dots, a prickle and a line!

I'm sure some of the parents at home were even taught this song!

Elvis was drawn starting with the number 12!

This was the Five-o-saurus!
Can you guess what number was used to start this drawing?!

Stu told us an amazing story about a Pirate who traveled the world on his boat looking for new puddings and fell in love with Lamington Lil. It was a really funny and exciting story.

Thank you for coming to visit us Stu we loved having you!

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