Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Planting our Little Garden flowers

Today Room 12 planted a variety of Little Garden flowers. 

We each chose a random coloured Little Garden seed set and set about planting them into their paper pots.

 Here we are soaking our 'soil pods' in the water.

Edward gently holding onto his seeds and Jacob carefully opening 
his seed packet.

Dia carefully placing her seeds in her paper cup.

Molly gently placing her seeds in her pot whilst Indi reads her label. 
What are you growing Indi?

Indie watering her little seed garden.

Sophie opening her seeds - I wonder what they will be?!
Jeremy gently holding his seeds.

Wyatt keenly reading his seed packet.

Cooper looking to see what was in his Little Garden and Samuel opening his little seed garden.

Cecilia very carefully planting her seeds.

Andy doing a great job planting his seeds.

We can't wait to see what we grow and plant them outside our classroom.

We have some talented young gardeners and 'green thumbed students' in 
Room 12. Check back for more updates!!

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