Monday, 21 August 2017

Disco Time!

Check out our Room 12 mover's and groover's!!

Sunnyhills School had a disco last Friday and lot's of our lovely Room 12 children came along. It was our first disco and some of us had only started school this week!

Andy and Paul showed me how they can dance. Wow!

Synthia and Leona wore their best outfits - you look gorgeous girls!

Zoe showed me how she can dance - very cool Zoe!

Josephine came to her first disco in her first week of school. 
Awesome Josephine!

Olive and Zoe showing me their moves!!

Molly, Indi and Indie looking spectacular on the dance floor. 
They even did some amazing moves!

Samuel and Cooper looking 'cool' on the disco night too!

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