Thursday, 24 August 2017

Numbers in the sun.

Spring is in the air so Room 12 decided to go outside and practice writing our numbers using chalk in the sun. 

We did a great job and loved being out in the sunshine.

Josephine enjoying the sun and writing her numbers with chalk.

Edward showing me his numbers.

Molly made a number snake!

We wrote all over the courts!

Look how high we can count and write up to!

Room 12 busy writing their numbers. 
We were very focused!

Cooper enjoying the sun.


  1. Wow! I am impressed with all your 'teen' numbers! Well done gorgeous people xx

  2. I feel this is a good idea to make number learning interesting....Great!

  3. I liked it in the sun when we were writing. Indie J
    We all liked the sun when we were writing our numbers. Zoe
    The sun was nice and warm. Dia
    I like the sun. Cooper
    I wanted to do some chalk. Samuel