Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Making bread!

As part of our Inquiry, Room 12 has been looking at Technology 
and comparing old and new technology and how it makes our life easier.

We looked at modern ovens vs fire stove-tops from the olden days, and how people used to light a fire to cook their food and heat their water. 
Then we looked at our modern ovens and how we just push a button 
and it starts to heat up!

So...we decided to use some modern technology to make some bread 
using a modern-day Bread-maker.

We used Flour, oil, water, sugar, salt and yeast.

We measured the ingredients into the Bread-maker one-by-one.


Then we pushed the start button and waited...

The smell from the bread went all through the corridors.

3 hours later...look what we made! Yum!

Then came the best part of making bread. Eating bread!


Mrs Nelson cut the loaf of bread up and put some butter on it. 




The butter melted on the warm bread and we licked our lips.




Jeremy and Leona were very excited to try the bread!

We learn't that we are very lucky to have the technology that we have in our home, 
that it is helpful and makes our lives a lot easier.

We also learn't that Room 12 REALLY likes fresh bread!!

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