Sunday, 19 November 2017

Popping Popcorn!

We had some of the butter that we made from our trip 
to the Howick Historical Village and wondered 'what could we do with it?'

We've already made bread and ate butter with that, 
so we thought what does butter go nice with? 


So using modern technology, Room 12 made popcorn - and it was delicious!!


All our modern utensils and ingredients - Popcorn, butter, electric element and pot.

We talked about what we could see, hear and smell while the popcorn was cooking.

The final result - buttery popcorn!

We looked at what popcorn starts out as - first the kernal, then a semi-popped kernal and then the final result - popcorn!

And now for the best part - taste testing the popcorn!!


Then we made some Popcorn art.

Check out our awesome art. 
We even put 'butter' on our popcorn art!





  1. Wow! RM12 the popcorn looks yummy do you like it ?

  2. Wow room 12 that popcorn looks delicious, and that popcorn art looks amazing great job!